Our Team

We are dedicated to bringing inspirational and motivational stories to life and sharing them with the world.

Debra KoernerChief Strategist & Trailblazer+
Having honed her experience as a corporate executive and entrepreneur, Debra Koerner helps craft the strategy and guide every project to suc
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Debra LockerCommunications Maven+
From placing clients on national TV, to leading desk-side meetings in New York and Los Angeles, Debra Locker knows how to tell your message
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Jason ParmerCreative Director+
Jason Parmer has been producing award-winning multimedia productions for more than a decade. With a degree in Media Communication from Asbur
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Our Services

 From creating national television shows to placing clients within large media outlets, Well World Productions creates top-drawer projects that are customized to YOUR wants and needs. We take the time to understand your business, listen to your needs, and create projects that will grow your brand instead of just creating more work for your team.


Speaking of team, we don’t disappear when the project is over… in fact, we like to stick around. We will continue to refer like-minded groups to you, send media leads, and think of new ways to position your message. Based in Florida and Kentucky, our team members left Corporate America to offer personalized service to a handful of like-minded clients.

Brand Development

Creating your story

What’s your elevator speech? You may know it, you may not; either way, we will gather information, listen to you and ensure we understand the intentions behind your plan so we can create a story that is befitting of your brand and purpose.

+We create your story with:

  • Branding platforms: ideation, research and recommendations
  • Logos
  • Complete branding suites to include collateral, trade show materials, etc.
  • Web design
  • Web content creation
  • Ads
  • Marketing plans and strategy

Public Relations & Social Media

Connecting you to the right media and audience

The best product in the world will not sell, if no one knows about it.  Public relations is the best way to tell your story; and we practice PR with modern ideals, utilizing all aspects of your platform to share your content.  With placement frequently being tied to advertising, social media changing daily, and media moving from one outlet to another at the speed of light, our team has the contacts and know-how to navigate PR’s tangled web.

+We tell your story via:

  • Creation of key messages and news pegs
  • Building a PR toolbox: Corporate bios, headshots, image library, gifting plan (for product brands)
  • Content development: Pitches, press releases, ghost-written articles and quotes on behalf of your spokesperson
  • Social media: We can supply strategic direction or lead your whole social media program
  • Creating the materials needed to develop an online press room and press kits
  • Managing desk-side meetings in media-centric cities including New York and Los Angeles
  • Media list creation
  • Strategic, ongoing pitching to media who cover your industry

Video & Film Production

Capturing your story for easy sharing

In our “instant view” culture, video is expected from brands. There’s a big difference between shooting something with an iPhone vs. working with a professional crew to capture a story that is beautiful, well-thought and lasting. We believe in the latter and have two national TV shows currently airing on PBS – “The Journey into Wellbeing” and “backSTORY”.. We love this avenue of storytelling and have the awards to back it up.

+We capture your story by:

  • Spending time with you to determine your needs: video vignettes, sizzle reels, TV shows, b-roll, video for social media and web, commercials, marketing pieces, educational/training videos
  • Outlining video objectives, storyline and storyboard
  • Developing your production budget
  • Pre-shoot coordination: outline, objectives, logistics, as well as securing permits, locations, on-camera talent and interview subjects
  • Professional, on-site production crew
  • Post-production – scripting, editing, graphics
  • Professional imagery

Our Clients and Partners

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Well World, Inc. | 455 NE 5th Ave, Suite D161 | Delray Beach, FL  33483